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Upgrading a PostgreSQL Database Cluster

Update 2013-06-05: This post has been translated into Czech by Kate Osipova. Thanks Kate!

Batch Scanning of Documents

It's tax season once again. Usually, I bundle up my paperwork, classify and sort it, then ship it off the my accountant to work on. In the past I've run into issues where I would need to look up something that had been passed to the accountant. So this year I decided I want to do things a little different. Instead of just blindly handing things over, I want to scan every document and file the resulting image in a directory structure that mirrors the file cabinet.

Zend Framework - Session Madness

Working with sessions in Zend Framework is both easy and hard at the same time. Easy because ZF provides Zend_Session for working with sessions. Hard because you have to understand the underlying PHP session framework AND the quirks and methods that ZF adds to sessions.

UPDATED: My first approach at this seemed to work, but ended up failing. The post has been revised with the approach we have proven to ourselves works properly.

Zend Framework - The Master Application.ini file

Came across a great Zend Framework link today. Florian Eibeck has posted an application.ini file on GitHub that contains ALL the possible resource settings, and other possible options. I often have to go look up the resource options when building an application.ini file. So this is a good reference resource for me.

Untangled Internet connection

I've been meaning to update my firewall to the Untangle Multi-functional Firewall Software system. I finally got around to it tonight. In the process I've noticed a few quirks and felt they should be documented.

First, visit the Download page and grab the ISO.

I tried to set up the ISO onto a bootable USB stick, but this failed. In the end I had to dust off the old spool of blank CD media, and fire up the CD burner for the first time in more than a year.

jQuery Combo Boxes

With web applications, I find that I often need to create a drop down list that contains hundreds or maybe even thousands of possible options. And then I often need to have many rows that contain the same drop down list, resulting in very large amounts of page size (which means slower page loads) going to just populating the list. I've tried using an autocomplete type box in their place with some success, but users don't like them.

Business Development

For the past while, I've been doing some research into business development. I find it amazing that there are SOOO many books, websites, and other resources that cover the topic, yet so few that are really useful. There are some gems out there of course, but I'm finding that what I consider a gem, you might consider tripe - the topic is rather subjective.

New website for

After having a fairly stagnant website for a number of years, we have finally updated the website.

There are plans for the site, so the new looks are just the start. For now though, kudos to James - our graphic designer - for his efforts!

Resetting a forgotten Ubuntu 11.04 password

Imagine you have a computer that had been set up with Ubuntu 11.04 for "sofia", a new employee. For whatever reason, this person was only able to work for a day. So you bring in a new employee and plan to have them work on this same computer. Your options are to completely rebuild the computer, or just create a new user account on this relatively pristine machine. We will assume you want the second option for some reason. Now you face a problem though - you don't know the password for the "sofia" user. This is a Linux based box, so there are options.

Using Zend Framework 1.11 Plugins

Zend Framework allows custom plugins to be built and run at various points in the life cycle of a request. The official documentation isn't too bad at telling you how to build your plugin, and what sorts of things you can do with it. But, it does seem to be lacking when it comes to actually USING that plugin. Searching Google for details leads to more confusion as you find older/out dated methods, or methods that apply to a slightly different environment or solution.

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