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Keyboard Sound Controls with KDE

I changed out my keyboard last night. The new keyboard is a Logitech with multimedia controls. On my last computer all these controls worked great. But on this computer the volume controls are not quite right. They worked - but they changed the PC Speaker volume, whereas I use headphones. So tonight I had to track down how to make this work right.


A new project called DevelopSpace has started up. It's interesting to me as the intent of the project is VERY similar to the original purpose of my domain open2space

The project aims to encourage average joes like you and me to collaborate on various user submitted projects that are related to space, or space exploration in some way.

Canadians are being gouged by the Music Industry

In tech circles it is well known there is a "levy" (aka a tax) when we buy blank media like CDs and DVDs. The purpose of this tax is to compensate the music industry for the mere potential that this mere potential that the purchaser MAY use that media to hold a copy of music or video files. Now comes new that Canada will add a similar levy to iPods. (

I have a few problems with this:

Linux and FOSS in decline?

Rob Enderle has posted an acticle explaining "Why Open Source and Linux Are Losing Momentum". I find it nice to know there are folks out there who can tell me what I'm thinking, and why I do the things I do. (sarcasm off)

Sure, maybe me and my business are not typical of the IT industry, but Mr Enderle tells me that I'm using Linux and Open Source because I am "anti-Microsoft". This just is not true.

Workshop Report

We held the Drupal workshop yesterday, and it went well. After a few technical issues we got started a little late. Luckily the crowd was technically competent, and grasped the ideas very quickly.

For those who would like to see what was covered, here is the PDF file/handout I prepared for the workshop. This copy of the file has had one minor modification - the database creation commands have been changed so they can simply be cut and paste (responding to a comment from John).

This is funny

Back in September, I posted a blog entry about Shaw's DNS servers. This blog entry consistently comes up as one of the most popular pages on my site, whenever I check my logs. Today I was telling a friend about this and he decided to do a Google search for "shaw dns". Wasn't I surprised to see that this blog entry is the #1 response sitting at the top of the list. It took us a bit to find it because, well, we weren't expecting it to be at the top.

Drupal Workshop

UPDATED - see below

I'll be leading a workshop on installing and using Drupal on 15 Jul 2007, at the local DeVry facilities (room 216). This workshop will be between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The agenda for the workshop and more details are provided below.

The workshop is free and open to the public. A donation to CLUG is encouraged if you are not a member, but not mandatory.

Drupal Presentation

I was asked to do a presentation for the monthly Calgary Linux Users Group meeting that took place tonight. So I did up a presentation file and did a demo. You can get the presentation file here (it is an Open Office file).

In addition, while I was prepping this presentation, I came across a Drupal Booklet file (PDF).

Site Updates

I've made some needed changes to the new theme. The administrative pages are now working better. Not that they weren't working, just that they needed some styles applied to fix up their visual aspects. In addition to these changes though, I've also turned on user accounts.

VPN from Linux to Windows

Most of my customers are running Microsoft servers, and are using the built in Windows VPN server. I sometimes need to connect to their network via VPN to do routine maintenance or help with their network in someway. Or even just to grab a backup file. (poor man's off-site backup method.. :)

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