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Contact? what Contact?

It would seem the Contact Page is only partially functional. It presents you with a nice form, takes your information, and the appears to process just fine. Except that it isn't actually sending the mail. I'm sure I've missed a configuration somewhere, but I did install the SMTP module for Drupal, and told it to use the local server with authentication. Still no traffic going through. So, something more for me to figure out...

Some details for the new server

So, here we are on our nice new server, and almost everything is working out just fine. I've even gone as far as turning off the old server, and so far I've been running without any issues. So it looks like everything transferred fine.

But, what was it about the new server that caused the month delay in getting activated on it? Well, let's take a journey through my memory and frustrations.

New Server - Finally

I finally had time to look at getting the new server up and running. In the process I upgraded Drupal to the latest version. I decided not to mess around with a custom theme at this time, as I like the new default theme for Drupal. However, you'll notice a new logo/icon image in the upper left. Doesn't that look snazzy? I made that in a few minutes on Inkscape 0.45, and then used Gimp to convert it to a nice GIF image.

Server to be upgraded

Hello? This thing on?

It's been so long since I posted that I don't remember what state I left the server in. It seems to be working fine though.

What a week!

The past week has been one of those ones you're really glad when they end. And this one "just happened", meaning there was no planning for a hectic week.

First, one of my customers asked for some work, which is always good. But this of course means taking some time to examine the goals, and work up a way to meet those goals. But this happened right in the middle of a massive revision of a custom Javascript control (utilizing DOM & AJAX up the wazoo). So, not one but two projects. This is GOOD news - more work means more income. But wait, it didn't stop there!

LPI Training

Today I am sitting in a class taking an LPI Exam Prep. LPI (Linux Professional Institute) Certification is one of the few certificate programs available for Linux in general. The only alternative I know of right now is the Red Hat Certifications.

I decided to do the LPI certification course for a few reasons:

Drupal Dojo

Last summer I wrote a couple of articles regarding Drupal modules. These covered my foray into the topic, and then my failure at it. Well, it looks like we get another chance to do it right!

Patents hurt more than software

Within the Open Source community, there is an understanding of how Software Patents are bad. They tend to stifle innovation because there are only so many ways to put logic together to solve a particular problem. If all those methods are patented then it becomes very costly for someone to solve that particular problem, as they must now get permission from the appropriate patent holders which is typically done via licensing fee.

Linux Not an Option? Careful who you ask!

Browsing through my daily news links, I came across an article titled "Linux not an option" written by Andrew Thomas. The title caught my attention, so I decided to read through it.

While Mr. Thomas does not come across as an evangelist for either side (a good thing in this case), he does show his true colors / opinions with some of his phrases.

The part that clued me in is where he says:

"The shiny new machine will not come with Linux and OpenOrifice.

A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

As a member of the Calgary Linux Users Group, I occasionally get to review a book for Prentice Hall or O'Reilly.

I have finally gotten to my outstanding list, and completed my review of the book titled "A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming". You can see this review on the CLUG website at

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