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Email, RBLs, and Smarthosts

When I send email to some of my contacts, I have been getting a bounce message indicating my email was being treated as spam. This is due to my IP addresses being in a range of IPs on a Realtime Blackhole List (RBL). The idea of an RBL is simple - if you send spam, your IP gets tagged as a spammer and added to a list. Other responsible mail admins can "subscribe" to the list and then block any messages from your IP. This is just one of many methods to fight spam, but can sometimes be controversial - as I found out.

LinuxFest 2006 Pics and Comments

Marcel Gagne has published some comments about his experience at LinuxFest 2006. It would appear he had a good time, and that the event was well planned. You can see his post at It's kinda nice to be mentioned in the same paragraph as some Open Source celebrities.

Also, I have uploaded some pictures I took at LinuxFest. Some of the came out dark, but what do you expect from a cheap digital camera... :) I've left the images in native size, so they aren't the smallest of downloads (about 500K apiece).

Out of the mouths of babes

So I'm driving along with my 4 year old daughter, when we go over a bridge. We then had the following conversation:

Daughter: ..."now we are on top of the bridge."
Daddy: "yep, we are going over the river."
Daughter: (excitedly) "OOOHHHHHHH! They put the river in!!"

The more I think about it, the more I laugh.... Just thought I'd share....

FIFO goes live!

NOTE: Fifo is now defunct. The links will not work.

I have been asked to do a regular blog over at Linux World Net on programming topics. Today the blog was launched - you can see it at And you can see the introduction entry at - where I introduce myself, and talk a little about what FIFO is and what it's for.

Another successful project

I just got off the phone with one of my customers who are happy with the work I have done for them. The work in question was some Cold Fusion coding/consulting, to address some problems they were having with their routines. The code has now been tested and put live for the world to see!

I would love to post the URL to the page in question, but I can't do that ethically at this time. Perhaps in the future. But I do get excited when I hear my work and effort has met with success!

Spore: The next generation of SIM type games

Browsing the web today, I came across an amazaing video / site.

Here, you see a video of the game "Spore". It's about 35 minutes long, but it's worth it to watch it all. This game is going to shake up the game industry, just like the original Civilization did back in the early 90's. If you have an interest in this sort of game, I can't stress enough just how amazing this is going to be!

Now, here's hoping they get it running on Linux natively...

New Toys

After the LinuxFest 2006 event, I was feeling kinda down. Sort of crashing after a couple of weeks of solid action, and then suddenly not having much to do (beyond my regular work that is...). So, I went shopping. I feel like a stereotypical girl saying that, but I think I can understand now... :)

I decided to treat myself to a new laptop. I set an upper limit on what I wanted to spend, then went looking to get the best bang for my buck. I eventually found the Acer TravelMate 4202WLMI. Here's the specs:

- Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology

LinuxFest 2006 = GREAT FUN!

I've written up a quick review of the fun I had at the Calgary LinuxFest 2006. You can see it on CLUG's Site.

LinuxFest 2007 is already being talked about and it looks like it'll be even better!

Canadian politics seeing improvements?

Now don't I feel like a cad. Going from expressing how overwhelmed I am in my last blog to having the time to do a second blog in the same day. Mind you it IS 11:30pm, and everything that could be done today has been done. And I'm taking a break from the programming grind - I fully intend to be in bed in the next hour or so, rather than 3 or 4 in the morning. :)

What a week (already)

This has been one heck of a week, and it's barely started.

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