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Getting Started with SQL-Ledger

On 4 Jan 2006, I did a presentation for the Calgary Linux Users Group (CLUG) on getting started with SQL-Ledger. Here's the presentation file for those who might be interested:

This file is in OpenOffice 2.0 format.

In the news

I did a phone interview with a Grant Buckler of IT Business a couple of months ago. The article went online today. You can see it at

I think he did a good job of keeping the article well balanced.

New Server

I have created two new servers to replace older, slower hardware. The new system for the webserver has a 64 Bit processor with 512 MB of RAM. Of course, new hardware almost always has some quirks... The original intent of this box was to run some virtual servers with XEN, but after a lot of putzing around trying to get the thing working I put XEN on the back burner for now.

New Year, New Site

Happy New Year!!!

Part of getting the new year started for me, I have created this site where I can post my thoughts and activities. What brought me to this decision was the old open2space website. The website was a poor merge of personal interests with business information (in my opinion). So Grover Ponders was devised to remove the personal items from the open2space site.

At the same time open2space is getting an overhaul as well, and these activities will make up some of the first few entries here.

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