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Canada Copyright Influence

Wikileaks has released more US Government Cables today. This batch includes a number of entries directly related to Canada's efforts at copyright reform. Having followed the news uptake on this via Michael Geist's Blog and Twitter posts, one thing is becoming very apparent. The US is pressuring Canada quite a bit, while Canada is mostly resisting.

Unit Testing with Zend Framework 1.11 and PHPUnit

Either I failed in my Google-Foo, or there is not a lot of current documentation on setting up Unit Testing for Zend Framework 1.11. So, having worked through the process, here's my approach.

PHPUnit could not load phpunit.xml

Just ran into a bug that had me pulling my hair out. I am trying to set up unit testing for a Zend Framework project. After making sure PHPUnit was installed (via 'apt-get install phpunit' on Ubuntu), I set up a basic phpunit.xml file. Pretty much identical to the process in this ZenCast. Then I ran my initial test to make sure my environment was correct. Nope. Got this error:

Server Replacement

So it took a while for us to free up some time, but the temporary server that crashed a while back has been replaced. The new server is a relatively modern box and should be sufficient for our current and foreseeable needs.

It looks like all the data has been transferred and reconfigured (where needed) successfully. If you encounter any problems accessing any public open2space resource, please use the contact tab above.

Server crash and backup scripts

Nothing like loosing a server hard drive to test your backup routines. This happened last week, and luckily everything was recovered.

PostgreSQL Meta-data

Sometimes, the right way to solve a problem is to assume you know nothing and dynamically determine the structure of the database you are dealing with. However, this approach is not very common and may go by various names, so searching for information on how to do it can be difficult. Let's take a look at PostgreSQL and how one would accomplish the task there.

Telus Fail - Or 'the importance of customer service'

Today I had the experience of observing how different companies handle the same situation. And in doing so, seeing exactly why customer service is so important.

Filtering Resumes

I'm in the market for a Junior Developer to work full time. I've had word out for about a week now - posted on Kijiji, as well as the SAIT job board, and with DeVry. So far I have received 22 applications, but I'm accepting applications until Jan 20th. So, how do I determine the top applicants?

I opted to create a simple list of the skills I'm looking for. This is what I came up with so far:

  • Coding Skills
    • PHP
    • Bash

Starting or growing a business in Alberta?

I've been officially in business for 6+ years as a one man shop. That is about to change though. The workload has gotten to a point where I can't keep up. So it is time for me to "do things right" and hire full time staff. So after doing some research, here's what I've learned...

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

May you have the opportunity to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones and enjoy some time off of work.

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