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Dealing with Ubuntu kernel upgrade and 'apt-get -f install' fails

Tonight I ran into a weird upgrade issue on a Ubuntu 12.04-LTS server. The original cause of this issue is that the server had been running long enough to fill up it's /boot partition with old kernel files. So at some point an upgrade failed due to the full drive. So tonight when I tried to do an upgrade, which happened to include a new kernel, I got a report of a previous failure and that I should run "apt-get -f install" to fix the it.

That's when the problems started. As you can see from the output below, this failed as well. For those who just want the answer, jump to the TL;DR section.

MongoDB on Ubuntu 12.10

I'm diving into MongoDB and Zend Framework 2. Unfortunately getting started was rather frustrating. I kept getting all sorts of errors trying to get my ZF2 project set up to even know about Mongo. Part of that confusion though was because I was also trying out the nginx web server. Too many new things at once. So I reverted back to old faithful (that'd be the Apache web server) until I could get things working right.

New Venture

I have launched a new venture! Make3D came into existence this past summer, and has been slowly getting things set up. Today we posted our new website -

Grover's law is predated!

Finally! I finally found a passing reference to what I've been calling "Grover's Law". I even blogged about it in 2007. In all that time I have never been corrected or pointed to a similar law. That changed tonight.

I was doing some studying on the origins of Murphy's Law when I came across this "joke page". Right at the top, section 12, states:


Magento E-Commerce and the elusive footer links

In the past few months, I've been preparing an online store using Magento. I've been taking it slow, but am trying to get this store ready to launch before the new year. Magento is um, different. Yeah, that's the word. It is NOT a content management system, though it can do some of the same tasks. But because it is not a CMS, doing things that would be simple in other CMS systems can prove challenging. A great example is the footer links.

After getting a theme set up, Magento was showing me the following in my footer.

Brother DCP-7065DN on 64-bit K/Ubuntu 12.04

64 Bit systems can be a bit of a challenge when dealing with systems that are even only a year or two old. Example today is setting up my Brother DCP-7065DN printer on a 64 bit install of Ubuntu 12.04. Brother kindly supplies the files, but for 32-bit systems. There is an FAQ that is helpful but incomplete.

So here's how I beat it:

  1. Install lpr/lpd.
    sudo apt-get install lpr
    This installs the printing subsystem that CUPS and others depend on, but may not tell you is needed.

MakerBot Replicator - Tips n Tricks

I've spent the past few weeks learning a LOT about 3D printing, and the subtle nuances of the MakerBot Replicator in particular. This post offers a quick summary of the more important tips I've come across thus far.

Level your build platform

Getting Started in 3D Printing

Being involved with Protospace, our local hackerspace, I've been exposed to laser cutters and 3D printers for the past year or so. Laser cutters require some special considerations that make them somewhat unsuited for a home based office. Poison gas resulting from cutting some things tends to demotivate the staff. So, while this technology is amazing (and fun!) to play/work with, it wasn't really an option for us. 3D printing on the other hand has few such downsides.

Poor IRC Support

With Open Source software, finding the right place to ask for help can sometimes be a challenge. The traditional areas are either web forums, mailing lists, or IRC channels related to the item needing support. Over the years these areas have been a great source for me to learn what I needed. That is changing.

Vic Toews Sent Me an Email!

Today I received an email purporting to be from Vic Toews. This is clearly a response to the public outcry over bill C-30 currently being considered by the government. The bill is titled the "Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act" and fails to mention the term "child" or "predator" even once. This is a very bad bill that grants very broad Orwellian surveillance capabilities to the government and anyone the government designates.

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