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Ditch the Windows Core Fonts

RedHat has released some fonts that can safely replace the MS core fonts (Arial, Courier, and Times) - these fonts have the same horizontal space. They call them the Liberation typefaces.

So I thought I'd do a quick check to see if they were available in the Ubuntu repositories yet. Yep, they're there. Just do an

apt-get install ttf-liberation

and you're all set.

Found History


That's all I can say. I happened to find my family history documentation that has been passed down to me, and I thought was lost. Luckily it was just misplaced. More to the point, the bound pages were placed inside an empty binder then put on a shelf full of other empty binders. So all my previous searches for this skipped past the "empty" binders.

Windows or Linux - What's the difference?

Tonight I was busy with a couple of minor changes to my network. First was to setup a new firewall (IPCop) on a newer hardware - my old Pentium 166 just wasn't up to the task anymore. (er, maybe I should stop downloading so many distros...). But the second task was to add another gigabyte of RAM to my server so it could run more than one virtual machine. And now that it can, I can continue setting up my Windows development server in a VM.

I got a little Fiesty

Ok, what a lame title.. I know... but it's still nicely describes things.

More jQuery goodness

I recently wrote about how Javascript development can be made much easier using Prototype.js, and jQuery. Today I have come across an article on IBM's DeveloperWorks site about jQuery.

Javascript Lessons

I teach a continuing education class on Javascript for the Continuing Education department at the University of Calgary. I've been telling myself for two years now that I would make my lesson handouts available on my website. Well, it's time for me to make that happen.

Accelerate your JavaScript Development

Javascript is a powerful language if you know how to use it for more than simple roll-overs. But, taking on a large scale Javascript based application can be time consuming, and troublesome. The benefits may very well be worthwhile, but if you do all the code yourself, your project might take longer than you'd like to complete.

Calgary LinuxFest 2007 Logo Contest

The Calgary LinuxFest 2007 planners are in need of some logos. So they have set out a Logo contest to allow all of us to compete. Details can be found on the Calgary LinuxFest 2007 website.

While there is no clear indication of a prize, I know there would be recognition for the winner - both online, and probably at the event itself.

Don't get in the way of your users!

I just had another frustrating experience with Microsoft Windows. And it didn't have to be frustrating at all, except for the poor manner Microsoft seems to treat their customers, users, and developers.

Hate Speech is so uncool!

After being offline for most of the day, I was able to catch up on some news. One of the first mesasges I read was Carla Schroder's Open Season on Women. What caught my eye here is that with a title like that, this better be a woman posting the article - a man should not be making such statements. What I read was eye opening.

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