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K3B errors, failure, and resolution

About a month ago, I raged about how much joy I was having trying to replace my desktop installation. Part of that process was a flaky CD Drive that would not burn a bootable CD, and had general problems. So I picked up a replacement drive this past weekend and fell down the rabbit hole of troubleshooting bliss.

The Online Privacy Fallacy

This week has been an interesting one for me in terms of "privacy" concerns. I had one case where a friend's privacy concerns directly clashed with my desire to maintain memories. And in a different situation, a friend has put lie to a rumor for a particular issue with Facebook, but in doing so inadvertently came to a misguided conclusion. and somewhere in there Google "told it like it is" concerning privacy, and got slapped in the face by out of context quotations.

Case #1 - Your privacy versus MY privacy

Kate - The small things make all the difference

Every programmer has their own favourite tool for writing code. Some prefer command line text editing tools like Emacs, or Vi. Some like full Integrated Development Environments (aka IDEs) like Visual Studio, or Eclipse.

Elaborate / Discuss

Think about it

Setting Up Trac for Multiple Projects via Apache and mod_python

Update 1 March 2010: I had to fight with a Trac/Subversion setup to get it running properly. The server in question kept reporting a 403 Forbidden error when a checkout was done from the Repository, but it would allow me to navigate/list the repository contents just fine. The problem turned out to be how Apache handles virtual directories (via the Location directive). Unless otherwise specified, Apache will try to check physical file permissions when requests are made. It does this by tacking the virtual directory onto the end of the DocumentRoot value.


If you have followed the last couple of postings, you'll know how much fun I had trying out new Linux Distros. I can say I settled on Kubuntu. This is the same environment that triggered all my fun. But I went about things differently this time around. Instead of installing Ubuntu and then installing the kubuntu-desktop package, I downloaded and installed Kubuntu directly. I used the "alternate install" CD image instead of the LiveCD image. The only real problem was the text interface for the installer was messed up and flickering.

Distro fun

So now that I have become a little dis-illusioned with Ubuntu, I have been investigating alternative Linux distributions (aka distro's). What fun this is (not!).

Appearance vs. Functionality

There seems to be a constant battle between making something work right and making it look good. I see this in software, vehicles, home furnishings, etc. But there is one simple fact that seems to escape many:

If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter HOW good it looks.

Disappointment with Ubuntu

This weekend I decided to upgrade my desktop to the latest version of Ubuntu. I've been happy with Ubuntu for the past few years, but version 9.10 (aka Karmic Koala) left me with rather mixed feelings.

The installation was straight forward. I removed the current hard drive and installed to a new and empty drive. This way I can very quickly recover my previous state - just plug in the original drive and boot up.

LDAP Presentation

I was asked to do a presentation on LDAP for the CLUG meeting tonight.

The presentation can be downloaded from here. This is an OpenOffice Presentation file (compressed into a tar.gz file).

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