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Business Development

For the past while, I've been doing some research into business development. I find it amazing that there are SOOO many books, websites, and other resources that cover the topic, yet so few that are really useful. There are some gems out there of course, but I'm finding that what I consider a gem, you might consider tripe - the topic is rather subjective.

Filtering Resumes

I'm in the market for a Junior Developer to work full time. I've had word out for about a week now - posted on Kijiji, as well as the SAIT job board, and with DeVry. So far I have received 22 applications, but I'm accepting applications until Jan 20th. So, how do I determine the top applicants?

I opted to create a simple list of the skills I'm looking for. This is what I came up with so far:

  • Coding Skills
    • PHP
    • Bash

Starting or growing a business in Alberta?

I've been officially in business for 6+ years as a one man shop. That is about to change though. The workload has gotten to a point where I can't keep up. So it is time for me to "do things right" and hire full time staff. So after doing some research, here's what I've learned...

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