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zend framework

Poor IRC Support

With Open Source software, finding the right place to ask for help can sometimes be a challenge. The traditional areas are either web forums, mailing lists, or IRC channels related to the item needing support. Over the years these areas have been a great source for me to learn what I needed. That is changing.

Zend Framework - Session Madness

Working with sessions in Zend Framework is both easy and hard at the same time. Easy because ZF provides Zend_Session for working with sessions. Hard because you have to understand the underlying PHP session framework AND the quirks and methods that ZF adds to sessions.

UPDATED: My first approach at this seemed to work, but ended up failing. The post has been revised with the approach we have proven to ourselves works properly.

Zend Framework - The Master Application.ini file

Came across a great Zend Framework link today. Florian Eibeck has posted an application.ini file on GitHub that contains ALL the possible resource settings, and other possible options. I often have to go look up the resource options when building an application.ini file. So this is a good reference resource for me.

Unit Testing with Zend Framework 1.11 and PHPUnit

Either I failed in my Google-Foo, or there is not a lot of current documentation on setting up Unit Testing for Zend Framework 1.11. So, having worked through the process, here's my approach.

PHPUnit could not load phpunit.xml

Just ran into a bug that had me pulling my hair out. I am trying to set up unit testing for a Zend Framework project. After making sure PHPUnit was installed (via 'apt-get install phpunit' on Ubuntu), I set up a basic phpunit.xml file. Pretty much identical to the process in this ZenCast. Then I ran my initial test to make sure my environment was correct. Nope. Got this error:

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