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Brother DCP-7065DN on 64-bit K/Ubuntu 12.04

64 Bit systems can be a bit of a challenge when dealing with systems that are even only a year or two old. Example today is setting up my Brother DCP-7065DN printer on a 64 bit install of Ubuntu 12.04. Brother kindly supplies the files, but for 32-bit systems. There is an FAQ that is helpful but incomplete.

So here's how I beat it:

  1. Install lpr/lpd.
    sudo apt-get install lpr
    This installs the printing subsystem that CUPS and others depend on, but may not tell you is needed.
  2. Install the Brother supplied drivers. See Philipp Klaus's blog entry for further details. With lpr/lpd installed, these instructions work well. Be sure to scroll down the page for the Printer instructions.
  3. Open your standard printer setup dialog. Add a printer. Be sure to specify the correct drivers for the 7065DN. In my case it was located at the top of the list - not sorted in with everything else.

And with that you should be done, and can print/scan.