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Fifo Introductions

Here we are, the first post to FIFO. So, perhaps some introductions, and explanations are in order...

My name is Shawn. I'm a wandering coder.

What do you mean by "wandering coder" you may ask. I'm not talking about doing code in different geographic locations, though that does happen to some degree. No, I'm talking more about the types of code I deal with. A typical day will see me wander from proprietary to open source projects. From shell scripting, to web development. From database scripting, to desktop development. I do a bit of everything, or so it seems sometimes.

Ok, so now we know what a wandering coder is, but FIFO? Well, FIFO is a programming term meaning "First In, First Out". It describes a queue structure. But more importantly, it is a cool technical sounding term for a blog about coding.

So, putting that all together, FIFO is a place for us to discuss programming issues. More specifically, we'll be covering the coding topics as they affect me on a routine basis. Now, seeing as we are on Linux World Net, we will not be covering details of any proprietary languages out there. Where examples are needed, we'll use an open source language. But a lot of programming work is understanding the concepts. If they are properly understood, then they can be applied to any language.

But we're not just talking about languages here - we'll also talk about some of the tools that make a programmers life easier, some high level theory, some deep level stuff as well, and language specific features.

Talking about programming topics can be hard sometimes. Especially if you don't know the skill level of your audience. I'm going to assume that FIFO readers have some coding experience. But I'm not going to assume too much. We'll spend some time talking about the basics, but then we'll assume the basics are understood. Of course, you can always ask questions if we cover something you don't understand.

We'll be starting with some JavaScript topics, just because I am swamped with some advanced JavaScript coding right now. JavaScript is an open standard, so I feel it fits into the theme of FIFO, and I'd like to show off some of the things that makes JavaScript very powerful and fun. Looking into the future though, I see a need for some Python coding, and some shell scripting. And even further out I'd like to take on some KDE development.

So, come join me as I wander. Let me share my experiences and learning with you. And feel free to give me a nudge in the right direction if it looks like I'm being less than smart on some topics...