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Protospace and Geek Pride

For the past while I've been taking part in a local group known as Protospace. Protospace is a Calgary based hackerspace with a great mix of fantastic people who are very skilled in their respective areas and very passionate about what they do. One of the members - Gord - did up a great video giving more details about Protospace:

While membership is encouraged, the group is very open to ANYONE stopping by for one of the general meetings (every Tuesday at 7:00pm) and taking part, checking things out, or just hanging with the gang. Membership does have some perks though - like keys to the space to use whenever you'd like, as well as access to the tools/equipment within the space. AND access to others who may or may not fully understand what you are trying to do, but will encourage and support you anyways (assuming no laws are being broken, of course...)

On May 25th, Protospace is holding an Open House with a theme of embracing the inner geek within all of us. This is a great opportunity to visit the space, find out that you probably know someone else there, and see what it is all about. Click the Geek Pride image at the top of this page to learn more.