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Site Updates

I've made some needed changes to the new theme. The administrative pages are now working better. Not that they weren't working, just that they needed some styles applied to fix up their visual aspects. In addition to these changes though, I've also turned on user accounts.

That's right, now you too can have an account on the site! I'm after two things here - first, it'd be nice to see what people have to say about my postings. So now if you create an account you can leave comments. Secondly, I'm curious to see if this gets abused as much as it did in the past. The newer version of Drupal takes some steps to prevent spammers from creating accounts, and I have added a captcha to the sign up process (answer the simple math question) to further eliminate these automated spam accounts. So we'll see how this goes.

You can use the side bar login form to create an account and/or login.

Other updates...

I've been busy getting a couple of new Drupal themes running for a couple of the other sites I help with. So I've been learning more about what it takes to get a custom Drupal theme in place and operational. Besides that, it's been code code code - some of it billable work, and some of it on a personal project (details will be coming once that project is stable).

Other than that, the only real news in my personal life is that it got toooo damn hot here in the evenings. So it was time to replace the down duvet with something a little lighter. I'm now the proud owner of a micro-fiber blanket that is just right for the current weather. (how exciting is that!)