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NOTE: The jQuery Dates project has been moved into a Trac project management system. This page is now outdated. Click Here to View the Project Page.

jQuery.dates is a Javascript library and jQuery plugin, that provides common date manipulation methods.

The goal of jQuery.dates is to remove the onerous task of creating date manipulation routines for every project, and to provide an easy to use and understand interface to these utilities.

With Version 0.01, the following methods are available:

  • datePicker()
  • isDate()
  • format()
  • parseDate()
  • dateAdd()
  • dateDiff()

The heart of the library is the parseDate() routine which will return a date object (if possible), with an arbitrary date format. The date picker is a standard drop down date calendar useful for selecting dates into a text box.

jQuery is needed for the datePicker to work properly, however, the remaining methods can be run without jQuery if needed.


Download version 0.01

- this file is well commented, but is a little large at approx 40K. A packed version is being worked on.
- this is the first draft. Expect some oddities, though it does seem to be usable enough.


Documentation can be found here.


A samples page is available to see jQuery.dates in action.
(note: had to move the sample page outside of the content management system due to interfering stylesheets... will need to address this..)


You can contact me at for tips, suggestions, bugs, or support.

Known Issues

  • The tool will work best in Internet Explorer or FireFox. jQuery isn't as cross browser capable as I'd like (yet)
  • Clicking the "Today" link selects the "today" day, but does not close the calendar. I'm not sure if that would be the best behaviour at this time or not. Will monitor and see how it works out.


  • 5 Jun 2007 - first release of jquery.dates made live.