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RAD Apps with AJAX and DOM?

Now that the pressure is off me some (for one deadline at least), I can reflect a little on how AJAX worked for the solution in question. While I really do like the possibilities that AJAX (or asynchronous technology in general) brings to the table for web development, I'm left wondering if it should be THE methodology used for such web apps.

Let's take a simple sample. A routine that will retrieve a name from a database, and put it into a table. With PHP we might see code like this:


The Future of KDevelop

When looking at Integrated Development Environments for Linux, there's a view options, one of which is KDevelop. KDE News has done an interview with some of the maintainers of KDevelop, and we get to hear about some of the things we can look forward to.

Fuzzy Coding

If you are not into math as a science, then you likely think this concept of Fuzzy Logic is hard. In reality, it is very simple to implement, and in some cases can make complex coding problems a thing of the past. So, let's dive in head first into figuring out that Fuzzy Logic is...

Software Modeling

I just realized that in all our conversations thus far, we have not yet mentioned UML. I strongly believe that any project, should be planned out carefully. The more complex the project, the stronger this believe gets. We might sit here and say "yes, planning is always good", but what exactly constitutes a plan? I've touched on this briefly in the past, but...

C++ GUI Programming with QT4

In June, we posted about the free PDF you could download to learn QT development. The next version of that book has just been released, and is available for purchase.

I know I'll be at Chapters tomorrow to see if they have the book, or to order it if they don't. The QT3 book is well put together and is a great resource. This updated version should be just as good.

dim3 v2.0: open-source game engine

Klink! Software has released dim3 v2.0. dim3 is an open source game engine with built in networking support. Instead of extending a game engine for a particular type of game, with dim3 you get to develop the game you want. Build a first person shooter, and then use the same engine to build a racing game.

Bash em Down - Flow Control

So far in our explorations of bash scripting, we have seen how we can use any usual command line statement in a script, and how we can make use of variables. But up until now, our scripts had a very predictable order - they started at the first line, then executed every line sequentially until we came to the end of the file. Sometimes it's nice to be able to branch to different commands if some condition occurs, or do one step many many times, without having to type in each time. This concept is known as "Flow Control". There are tools in every language I know of that allow the code to deviate from a purely sequential order. And in every language as well, these are called "IF Statements" (also may be known as "Conditional Operators"), and "Loops".

Today we'll tackle these in a basic manner. But don't underestimate the power of flow control, young Jedi, for it takes many forms, and can be used for good AND evil.

AJAX - Common Pitfalls

The past week has been busy, with a capital B. I'm working on an application for a customer, and it has to be functional/ready to go for this Monday. Luckily, the hard stuff is now out of the way. The hard stuff in this case was getting the AJAX (aka asynchronous processing) parts of the app functioning properly. I've overcome that hurdle and thought my experiences might help others avoid some of the pitfalls.

Still here?

Yep, I'm still around. One of my customers indicated to me that they need the enhancement I'm working on for them sometime next week. Unfortunately, the enhancement still needed about another 50 hours of coding time. So can you guess what I've been doing this long weekend? But I've made a lot of progress on the app, and it's looking like I'll have all the basic functionality in place tomorrow (or is that later today??). Then it's just the wiz-bang polish left.

I have Issues

If you've been following my postings, you'll no doubt be aware I've been looking for a simple issue tracking system. My efforts with the available options just didn't seem to meet my needs, or were just so much more than I was after. Sure, something like Bugzilla would do EVERYTHING I needed, and wash and cook for me too maybe. But these added capabilities lead directly to added complexity, which defeats my "simple" requirement.

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