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Internet Down

Sighs... It had to happen sooner or later.

My ISP suffered an outage today that took out all of southern Alberta (so I'm told by their tech support). I'm on cable, and the first hint of a problem was when the Television cable went. We'll never know what Peg Bundy spent the grocery money on now... Redundant ISPs would have been handy tonight, but my servers just don't do enough (yet) to justify the costs.

Internet Piracy

It finally happened. Something has finally irked me enough to write about Internet Piracy.

Kubuntu automation is not always good

Last week, I decided to replace my Gentoo installation on my desktop PC with Kubuntu. For all you fellow Gentoo lovers out there, I'm not abandoning Gentoo - it will have a home on my personal servers for the foreseeable future...

Email, RBLs, and Smarthosts

When I send email to some of my contacts, I have been getting a bounce message indicating my email was being treated as spam. This is due to my IP addresses being in a range of IPs on a Realtime Blackhole List (RBL). The idea of an RBL is simple - if you send spam, your IP gets tagged as a spammer and added to a list. Other responsible mail admins can "subscribe" to the list and then block any messages from your IP. This is just one of many methods to fight spam, but can sometimes be controversial - as I found out.

LinuxFest 2006 Pics and Comments

Marcel Gagne has published some comments about his experience at LinuxFest 2006. It would appear he had a good time, and that the event was well planned. You can see his post at It's kinda nice to be mentioned in the same paragraph as some Open Source celebrities.

Also, I have uploaded some pictures I took at LinuxFest. Some of the came out dark, but what do you expect from a cheap digital camera... :) I've left the images in native size, so they aren't the smallest of downloads (about 500K apiece).

FIFO goes live!

NOTE: Fifo is now defunct. The links will not work.

I have been asked to do a regular blog over at Linux World Net on programming topics. Today the blog was launched - you can see it at And you can see the introduction entry at - where I introduce myself, and talk a little about what FIFO is and what it's for.

Javascript Drag n' Drop Highlighting

NOTE: This is really old information now. There are better ways to do this. Still, knowing how the newer methods came to be can be a good thing.

Bypassing Standards

Isn't life ironic sometimes? In my last post I commented on some of the work Microsoft has done with some industry standards, and how the standards sometimes don't work the way they are supposed to. Today there is an article on SlashDot that highlights another example.

Who would of thought it'd be so hard

Tonight I ran into another example of why I do not like using Microsoft Windows for a server. I don't mean to bash Microsoft, but it just seems that anytime I try to follow an official standard, and then need to use that standard on a windows box, I find the standard doesn't apply. So much for following standards. Ok, that might be harsh seeing as tonight's instance is a case of standards applying, but applying TOO many standards to do such a simple job. Let me clarify...

Recovering data from a damaged hard drive partition

For the past two days, I've been trying to recover data from a damaged hard drive. The drive got damaged when a squirrel was running along the above ground power lines, and caused an explosion when it shorted the circuit. This of course stopped the computer (and the entire neighborhood for that matter). And as occasionally happens in this type of circumstance, the drive was damaged. The partition with business data was no longer recognized - er, well, we could tell it was there, but couldn't mount it.

Lesson number one - make sure you have your data backed up.

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