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PostgreSQL 8.4 Database Backups with pg_dump and cron

Do a Google Search for "postgresql backup" and you will find tons of information. Now add the word "cron" onto that list and try to make heads or tails of the results. You find lots of information, but none of it with clear concise "do this" type instructions (at least none that I found). So, here's a description of the problem, and the solution I found to solve it.

The problem

AWK to the rescue!

I mentioned a few posts back that I had built myself a GPS logging tool. Since then, I tweaked it some by putting it into an enclosure (a plastic box), hooking up an external power connector (aka a barrel jack), wired in an OpenLog device and changing the code to log the GPS values to a CSV type file on the SD Card. It is in my truck, powered by a cigarette lighter power chord. Those changes were fun and educational but I hit another wall when I moved on to the "next step" with the project.

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