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Getting Started in 3D Printing

Being involved with Protospace, our local hackerspace, I've been exposed to laser cutters and 3D printers for the past year or so. Laser cutters require some special considerations that make them somewhat unsuited for a home based office. Poison gas resulting from cutting some things tends to demotivate the staff. So, while this technology is amazing (and fun!) to play/work with, it wasn't really an option for us. 3D printing on the other hand has few such downsides.

Database Modelling

I've been working on a web based tool to create database diagrams - aka Entity Relationship Diagrams. While I've had some success, I also have run into some issues. Tonight while I was browsing the web I came across Mogwai ERDesigner NG. This project has many more features than my simple application does, and most importantly to me at the moment is the ability to connect to an existing database and reverse engineer it to come up with the diagram. This step is a HUGE time saver when you are dealing with large databases.

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