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Upgrading a PostgreSQL Database Cluster

Update 2013-06-05: This post has been translated into Czech by Kate Osipova. Thanks Kate!

PostgreSQL Meta-data

Sometimes, the right way to solve a problem is to assume you know nothing and dynamically determine the structure of the database you are dealing with. However, this approach is not very common and may go by various names, so searching for information on how to do it can be difficult. Let's take a look at PostgreSQL and how one would accomplish the task there.

PostgreSQL 8.4 Database Backups with pg_dump and cron

Do a Google Search for "postgresql backup" and you will find tons of information. Now add the word "cron" onto that list and try to make heads or tails of the results. You find lots of information, but none of it with clear concise "do this" type instructions (at least none that I found). So, here's a description of the problem, and the solution I found to solve it.

The problem

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